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    3 days ago

    Fast Wireless Charger For Foldables: Xiaomi?

    Xiaomi, a very innovative company known for its diversity in technology has filed for a…
    6 days ago

    Vivo Y72 5G: Slightly Overpriced Smartphone

    This smartphone from Vivo is a bit overpriced as compared to its specifications. Recently the…
    Tech News
    1 week ago

    Realme X9 Pro: True or Rumour?

    Rumors’ have arisen that Realme is going to launch a new series of smartphones, series…
    2 weeks ago

    USB Connectors: Meaning of Upstream and Downstream

    USB (Universal Serial Bus) ports or hubs allow computer users to be able to connect…
      April 5, 2021

      Chrome OS: Installation and Setup On PC

      Chrome OS is usually used in Chromebooks. Chromebooks are basically laptops that run on Android OS. They can be pretty…
      March 24, 2021

      How to disable Secure Boot in Windows 10/8.1/7

      Are you willing to dual boot your PC and if yes that you need to disable secure boot in Windows…
      February 11, 2021

      How to Check Internet Speed on Desktop PCs, Android and iOS?

      In these challenging times, we are highly dependent on the Internet for all our needs. Shopping Online, Attending Meetings and…
      February 9, 2021

      How to increase internet speed in 2021 (Fast method)

      Are you also worried due to slow internet speed? Is your internet speed is also very slow and Do you…
      January 14, 2021

      Move your WhatsApp group to signal

      Due to the change in WhatsApp privacy policy, the Signal app is on the top chart of both the App…
      January 14, 2021

      How to make Pendrive bootable for Windows 10 using CMD?

      Nowadays, Windows already comes pre-installed into your system, or either you have to purchase digital and download and install it…
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        June 16, 2021

        How To Protect Your Company’s Data With Security Software?

        As a company, your data is one of the most important assets. Nobody wants the information they share with businesses…
        May 20, 2021

        TOSHIBA Suffered A Ransomware Attack

        The Japanese tech giant Toshiba revealed a ransomware attack that attacked its European Subsidiary Toshiba Tec Corporation. Nowadays ransomware attacks…
        April 12, 2021

        Payment Methods for Secured Online Transactions

        Online payment methods have become the most convenient way to transfer money for any of our purchases. And along with…
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