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Huawei Patents For Wireless Charging Technology for EV’s

Huawei faced a lot of issues when it was Banned in the U.S and some other countries due to privacy-related concerns. The tech giant after getting banned was forced to move away from technology. The company started the Pig business after it got banned. But now Huawei is back again with new innovative ideas and technology. Recently they published a patent for wireless charging tech for EV’S in public parking spaces. This will be a great deal breaker if this idea can be brought into action.

You all might be familiar with wireless charging technology. If not, let us check it out. Many premium smartphones these days have wireless charging. Wireless charging by the name itself suggests that charging takes place without the use of wires between the smartphone and power delivery source. wireless charging relies on magnetic induction, using an electrical current to generate a magnetic field that creates voltage to power your phone without plugging a wire into it. If you do a teardown of a smartphone’s wireless charging coil and the coil of the charger itself. They both are almost the same.

The advantages of using this new technology patented by Huawei are enormous. Wire tends to wear down after long usage. But this is not the case with wireless chargers as there are no wires. The socket and plug wore down over time but in wireless charging that’s not the case. Even the wireless charging pads last longer. But there are few downsides to wireless charging. Wireless charging as we see in smartphones is effective only when the smartphone and the charging pad are in close contact. As you all know ground clearance exists in all cars. It would be nice to see how Huawei solves this problem.

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