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Top 5 Best Coding Platforms where you can learn the best.

Are you a Computer Science Student or a hobbyist trying to learn to code? Then you surely must have come across the roadblock of finding places that provide you with material to learn. Read On to know about the top 5 Best coding platforms that will help you progress and prosper in your journey of being the Ultimate 10x Developer😉.

Whether you learn by Reading Text and working things out, or watch video tutorials of things you want to learn, These Platforms will help you gain an insane speed boost at your learning process for sure. You will find Platforms that are free and paid as well but in my honest opinion and being a self-taught programmer myself, I would highly recommend the free sites because you will just have to join the bits and pieces and that’s all the difference there’s to it.

So, without further let’s get right to it.

5 Best Coding Platforms

Below are mentioned some of the best coding platforms that will help you a lot.

1. YouTube

It should be declared that not recommending YouTube is a Crime. Fully Free and Highly Resourceful, your choice of topic is just a keyword away. Search directly on YouTube about things you want to learn and you will get so many Tutorials and Crash Courses you won’t have enough internet to watch them all, obviously quality matters for them and so I will recommend a few channels that you can look out for while finding your tutorial

The List isn’t necessarily exhausted but these should be the first ones you encounter and are great to learn from.

2. Udemy

Fully Paid but gives you quality content that you can grasp very quickly. Surely, you can find coupons for courses on Udemy across the internet but they are from instructors that are beginning to teach and so finding quality is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Visit Udemy Here.

3. CodeAcademy

a Learn by Doing website that is best at what it does. more than 45 million students have learned from CodeAcademy and you can be one of them too. every line of code works as you go typing them and you get instant feedback and learn in this process of trial and error. CodeAcademy has a Pro Membership but the free plan should suffice for beginners.

Visit CodeAcademy Here.


FreeCodeCamp as the name suggests is also a fully free website to learn code. You learn by building projects and in the process again certification as you move along. There’s a variety of content and too much to learn to be honest. You can find short tutorials for trending topics as well as fully-fledged hours of content for fully learning topics like Programming Languages as well as technologies that make you production-ready.

Visit here.

5. Provides Text-Based tutorials for free you can add a certificate to validate your learning. the quality of content is topnotch. The learning process is similar to CodeAcademy and FreeCodeCamp. Your code in the inbuilt online IDE with live output. Some of the courses are paid but they are worth it.

Visit here.

To summarize, these were the Top 5 coding platforms to learn from. Hopefully, you find these resources useful and enjoy your path to be the better version of yourself.

Rohit Patil

I am a Student who has a knack for programming and Tech. I love to code and automate things that can be. I love tinkering with softwares and often use them uniquely.

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