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Green Room in Google Meet lets you check periphal output.

The New Feature dubbed the ‘Green Room’, lets you check your Mic and Camera quality and settings before you enter the meet.

Everyone has at least once in this pandemic joined a google meet and unexpected entered with a muted mic or a turned on camera. A quick preview before joining the meeting would have been great, wouldn’t it? Hopefully Google Meet has rolled out a new feature that lets you do just that.

You can Quickly Check If you are using the right devices if you have multiple of those. This is very helpful if you use an external mic and headphones or headsets when you are in an online meeting. You can check if the camera output quality is clear or not and also troubleshoot a few things like network issues for one.

The background Blur can also be enabled from the ‘Green Room’ screen beforehand as a choice to a variety of background filters so you can focus on the meeting. This can also help the attendees to focus on you rather than what’s going on in the background.

The Workspace Updates Post shows you exactly how you can enable the screen. To keep it short here’s where the button to enable the screen will be.

"Check your Audio and Video" Button on the Google Meet joining Screen
Image Credits : Google

The Feature is in a Gradual Roll out and will reach all of the end customers by 15 days, but I have got it myself so that’s pretty fast. Check if you see the Green Room and never be unprepared for any “Technical Errors” from now on.

To Summarize, The New Feature may help you to TroubleShoot Problems with your Camera, Mic, or other Settings before you join the meeting so as to not have any issues when it is ongoing.

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