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Google Calendar Offline Support, But Not For Everyone

Google Calendar has released offline viewing support which was rolled back in 2018 after the UI update. The offline support is rolling out so don’t be shocked if you don’t get it right now. Read On to know more.

In 2018, Google Calendar was Updated with UI and the Offline Working of the Calendar was removed. After Two Years, We have found out that the feature is Coming Back.

In a Google Workspace Update Post, Google has provided the information about the feature and has labeled it as a Gradual Release. This Just Means that the feature will be visible for every user in about 15 Days starting from 25th January.

Let’s look at how to get this feature enabled, All of these steps are from the Google Help Page:-

  • Go To Your Google Calendar
  • Go To Settings
  • Under General, Settings Click on Offline and Turn on Offline Calendar.
  • Click on Reload Now.
  • Some Icons show the current Status of the Calendar if it’s syncing, if the sync is complete, or if you are Offline.

The Offline feature only syncs up your calendar prior to 4 weeks and all your future events. Also when offline you can’t do any of the following actions:-

  • Create or edit events
  • Email guests
  • Access Tasks or Reminders

In Conclusion, If you regularly use the Google Calendar for keeping up with your schedule and have a weak internet connection or don’t want to connect to the internet, this will be a useful feature. If you haven’t received it, wait for it to be enabled for you.

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