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Will TikTok Return? Race Between Microsoft and Twitter to buy TikTok!

In the last week, US President Mr. Donald Trump has insisted that TikTok is a security threat to Americans. And further ordered US firms to close all business deals with the Chinese app within 45 days. Many countries including Russia are saying this move as bad politics.

But on the 9 Aug, 2020 news report says that Twitter has expressed interest to TikTok’s Chinese owner ByteDance.Ltd to acquire US operations of TikTok. Also, the technology giant Microsoft is on to acquire not just the US but all over TikTok operations.

The fact is unclear whether Twitter is able to buy TikTok as it is smaller than its competitor Microsoft. There is already ongoing negotiation between Microsoft and TikTok owners. The market capitalization of Twitter is about $29bn and of Microsoft, it is more than $1.6 trillion. US operations of TikTok are valued more than $20 billion dollars.

We have made clear that TikTok has never shared user data with the Chinese government, nor censored content at its request.


Several experts believe that less regulatory scrutiny would be faced by Twitter than Microsoft deal.

Donald Trump said that he would support Microsft To buy TikTok but the deal has to be finalized within the deadline up to 15 September.

Further Twitter and Microsoft both had to take huge efforts to tackle these political issues and converge with TikTok.

We will pursue all remedies available to us in order to ensure that the rule of law is not discarded and that our company and our users are treated fairly – if not by the administration, then by the US courts.

TikTok threatens Donald Trump

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