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Benefits of using IPV6 over IPv4: Apple urges developers to use IPv6 as it’s faster

Apple is now encouraging its employees to prioritize more on new technologies in its IOS and Mac OS. The company is urging app developers to start using newer web tech like HTTP/2 and TLS 1.3, citing similar performance and speed improvements.

In a presentation at WWDC 2020, Apple showed some stats convincing developers to adopt new web technologies and protocols, such as IPv6, HTTP/2, TLS 1.3, and Multipatch TCP.

Why IPv6 is better than IPv4

new ipv6 in apple devices

One of the newer technologies that Apple would like developers to implement is IPv6 in order to replace the older IPv4 protocol.

There has been a growing trend of IPv6 usage on the internet. If we look at the last month of connections made worldwide by Apple devices, we see that IPv6 now accounts for 26% of all connections made

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new http in apple devices

Another new technology that Apple is trying their developers to implement is HTTP/2 the latest HTTP protocol that is used to load websites.

Around 79% of all web pages loaded in Safari were loaded via an HTTP/2 connection, which was usually 1.8 times faster to load than the older HTTP/1.1 connections.

Apple says that developing an app that works on both technologies is easier only the thing developers have to do is use the latest versions of the company’s networking APIs such as URLSession and Network.framework which will let apps work on IPv6 and HTTP/2 by default.

TLS 1.3

new tls in apple devices

The latest security protocols i.e. newer TLS 1.3 is now widely deployed after the company added support for it in iOS 13.4 (November 2019).

According to the reports the 49% of all HTTPS networking connections on modern devices were running on TLS 13 that is found to be 1.3 times faster than the older ones.


Another newer networking technologies apple is hoping that developers choose support is Multipath TCP, an extension of the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) that allows connections to use multiple network paths to load the same data.

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