Microsoft Teams to increase Video-Conferencing Limit to 250 competing Zoom & Google Meets

Microsoft has announced that it will increase the group call limit by up to 250 participants as a time. Earlier Microsoft Teams allows meeting up to 100 participants for paid users. The changes will be made by 15th May 2020 via a special update. These actions were taken to compete with other video conferencing applications such as Zoom and Google Meets. Both companies offer up to 100 participants only. Microsoft Teams is currently been used by 75 Million users.

The company benefited from strong demand for its Teams collaboration software, and it now has 75 million users. 

Nadella, in a conference call was the first to spot this update, and all paid subscribers should have access to this expanded capacity by mid-May. Free Users will continue to receive group calls up to 20 participants. Apart from the increased limit paid users will get other features such as scheduled meetings, meeting recordings, phone calls, and audio conferencing. The storage facilities will be awarded 1TB of Storage facilities. Users on the free plan will get 1GB storage perusers with up to 10GB of shared storage.

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