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New PUBG MOBILE 0.18.0 update coming on May 7 : Miramar 2.0, Safety Scramble Mode

As Season 13 is all set to come on PUBG mobile, the game is also going to get a new update next week on the 7th of May and it is coming with a new map. The new update is bringing a lot of new stuff with the update 0.18.0 such as new vehicles, new PLAYLAB modes along with the most awaited map Miramar 2.0
The new update is set to be released on May 7th, although the new update is been already launched in beta mode and the beta tester is enjoying these updates.

Here are some of the important updates you will see in update 0.18.0
The biggest and most exciting thing along with this update is the Miramar 2.0 map for the PUBG players. The map is going to get new vending machines which will give painkillers and energy drinks to the players. The golden Mirado vehicle is something which you can also expect to see as it is already been seen in the beta update training ground.

The second major thing in this new update will be a blue zone inside the safe zone. This blue zone will restrict players to enter into the middle of the safe zone early and they will have to fight outside the center of the zone. This feature is already up in PUBG PC.

In the new update, Players will also get two new gameplay modes in the PlayLab area. The first one is Safety scramble mode which is expected to be similar to the Cold Front Survival mode. And the second one is “Jungle Adventure Guide Mode” which will be played in the Sanhok map. The objective of this mode will be the same as the classic mode but with some of the twists like you when you will eat Jungle food you will get a random power or either your vision will be blurred for a few seconds, however, the random powers will be either you will be able to sense the location of the airdrops for a limited time or enemies location will get marked on mini-map if they make sound, this will also last for a limited time.

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