Sheild App tracks exposure to Coronavirus developed by Isreal Government

Recently Israeli Ministry of Health has released an app named “The Shield” to prevent the spreading of dangerous Coronavirus. The app will notify if anyone passes through the location which was known for Coronavirus patient.

Isreal has crossed 1000+ cases of infections due to Coronavirus. Isreal Ministry is developing a key strategy to stop the outbreak of the virus.

The app is available for both android and IOS. The app will tell that if the user has come in contact with the patient who has been diagnosed with the deadly Coronavirus in the previous 14 days.

The application is a technological means intended to give each and every one of us the ability to accurately and immediately know if we were in contact with a person who was infected with the coronavirus,

the Health Ministry said in a statement.
sheild app isreal

The app works by collecting GPS and WiFi network data through the user’s device throughout the day. The collected data is neither transferred to Health Ministry nor any other organization the data is only stored in the mobile device of the users only.

While diagnosing the coronavirus patient the Health Ministry will ask the locations users where the patient has been gone and then this information will be added to a JSON file which the app will download every hour in the user’s device.

When any user will download the app it will track the movement of the user and will compare it with the JSON file downloaded by the app and if the app will detect that you have exposed to a location known for coronavirus patient it will alert the user and will show a message match found.

After that, the app will prompt a message to the user to share the report of their exposure to the Health Ministry using this link

The Health Ministry data is updated all the time and are sent to your phone unilaterally for the purpose of cross-reference,

the statement said

Note:  The app relies on the information to known cases of coronavirus the measure to protect from this deadly virus is to go under self-isolation and social distancing.

As the app deals with the great security permissions about tracking the locations of the user’s peoples may be concerned with their privacy. To assure the users that the data has been stored locally in the user’s device only and it will not be transferred to any other organization. Isreal government has also released the source code for the app on GitHub under the MIT license so that it can be used by countries.

The source code for the app has been reviewed and has confirmed that no data is being transmitted from the device.

 Beeping Computers said 

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