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Quibi Quick Bites Of Netflix-Like Original Begin On April

German-based mobile Communication T-Mobile is partnering with Quibi, an upcoming streaming service that offers a free Quibi subscription to customers on its “most popular postpaid plans,” reports Protocol, such as the Magenta and T-Mobile One plans. Like T-Mo’s Netflix on Us offer, customer needs more than one lines of service to get Quibi for free. Customers need to pay Quibi’s $4.99 per month ad-supported service for free and $7.99 per month ad-free service.

Quibi focuses on “quick bites of Netflix-like original episodes.It runs an episode less than 10 minutes also limit users to iOS and Android apps. There will be no Desktop version, therefore, Quibi is targeting consumers who are locked into their smartphones.

Quibi will begin on April 6th. It’s expected that there will be a variety of shows on the service, including entertainment like Reno 911! and news shows from the likes of the BBC and 60 Minutes.

Quibi Is Short Episodic TV

Quibi will be yet another name subscription-based media platforms like Netflix or Hulu, it will contribute original content. Quibi’s TV episodes are always less than 10 minutes playing like chapters that act more like episodes. All content is specially formatted for your phone, so you can view it in portrait or landscape formats.

Quibi (pronounced “kwih-bee”) stands for “quick bites.” It was founded in 2018 to focus on small episodes and “to bring storytelling into life’s in-between moments.” Quibi plans to spend $1.1 billion on content in its first year, with more original content.

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