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Microsoft’s Teams Got New AI Feature that can Remove Background Noise

Amid coronavirus pandemic where millions of people are working from home, Microsoft Teams hits 44 million daily users. In just a time period of last week (March 11-March 18), more than 12 million people started using Microsoft Teams on a daily basis.

Teams is a video conferencing software from Microsoft that enables virtual team meetings, workplace chats, and file storage.

Microsoft has added a new feature to its Teams software. This new feature can identify your voice and filter it out from the other noises. The new feature is named as the real-time noise suppression.

The new AI feature can effectively remove the background noise of barking dogs, fan voice and other voices in the background. This move of Microsoft makes the Teams software more distraction-free.

Robert Aichner, a principal program manager on Microsoft’s communications division demonstrated the technology by rustling his hands into a packet of chips and boom, the AI works perfectly fine that there is no noise of chips on the other hand.

With the power of AI, Teams can remove that background noise and you can understand me very clearly.

Robert Aichner, Microsoft

Microsoft also demonstrated a technology that can blur the background so that people can only show you and not the background with live captions as well.

It can be noted that there is a growth in the use of Teams software by up to 14x times in some countries. Microsoft has lifted up so many restrictions on the free version including the number of people who can join making the software free for around 6 months during the crisis. Not only this, but Microsoft also increased the capacity of the software by 600% due to the coronavirus outbreak so that a large number of users can use the software.

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