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How to Convert a Data Photo Into a Microsoft Excel Table in a Snap?

A Microsoft tool that can convert words and numbers on a piece of paper into a Microsoft Excel spread sheet in few seconds for Android phones and iPhones. You can take a photograph of the data in rows and columns on a piece of paper with Excel’s Insert Data from Picture tool and the iOS and Android Excel app will convert the image to editable table data automatically. The data you are capturing and converting can be numbers and words.

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The conversion tool for the spread sheet transmits the image to the online image recognition engine of Excel for rendering and converting words and numbers into a table. Excel gives you the opportunity to fix almost everything before it is converted throughout the import. For Android and iOS, the Insert Data from Picture tool will work with 21 languages, such as French, German and Spanish, with more languages to come, Microsoft replied.

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Steps to Convert Snaps into Excel Sheet

  • To create a new file, tap the New button at the top of the app in the Excel app. You can use one of the templates that come with the app to create a blank workbook.
  • Tap the Data from the Picture button at the bottom of the app (this is the 3×3 grid with a camera). Tap Allow Microsoft to grant permission to turn the image to data using Microsoft’s online system if this is your first time using the tool.
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  • Place the red rectangle across the data you want to catch, then tap the Capture round button. The app is a bit picky about what it does and doesn’t recognize as data, so it might take you to catch what you’re looking for.
  • Tap the red checkbox to convert the data if you’re pleased with the captured photo. Tap the X and start again if you’re not.
  • Click a red-highlighted cell and click Edit to enter missing data in a preview of the captured information. After each alter, tap Done. To make adjustments or changes, you can also tap unhighlighted cells.
  • Tap Insert at the top to place the data in your worksheet once you’re satisfied with the information.


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